How To Write An About Page Your Clients Will Love

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How To Write An About Page Your Clients Will Love, 3 tips to write your about page from Sarah at Spit Fire Scribe

You probably wrote your about page copy about yourself – because that’s what people expect on an about page. Right? Well, do the unexpected for better results. Our expert copy writer Sarah shares her 3 tips to write an about page your clients will love.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – your about page isn’t really about you.
It’s actually about your client.

When people click on your about page, they want to learn more about what you do and what you can do for them. Most people are self-centered. When they land on your website, they want to know how you can help them, how you solve their problems, and what’s in it for them.


How To Write An About Page Your Clients Will Love



The mistake a lot of people make when writing their about page is telling their whole story. They tell their whole business journey, post family pictures, or go on for paragraphs about their favourite foods + fun personality quirks. The problem is that your ideal clients don’t want to read this. At least not yet.

Most people won’t be interested in reading your life story if they can’t understand how you help them. You need to show your ideal clients that you understand their struggles and share how you can help. This helps readers know they’re in the right place (and keeps them reading).

Here’s a breakdown of how to write an about page your clients will love, and an about page they can’t wait to read:

1 // Your Client

Start your about page with a few sentences directed at your ideal client. Talk about the problems she has and how you solve those problems. Talk to her about the problems she’s having and how your products or services are the solution.

Maybe you’ve struggled with the exact same problems your clients have. You know where they’ve been and you know how to get to where they want to be. Show them that you get that.

Show your ideal clients you understand their struggles. #womeninbiz Click To Tweet

Once you’ve gotten your client’s attention with copy that caters to her, then you can tell a little more about you. About pages are a great way to show off your personality too. But if you start there, people might not keep reading to see all the great things you can do for them.

2 // Your Expertise

When you introduce yourself to your clients, don’t do it with a resume like list of accomplishments, qualifications, and certificates. These are a great way to show your expertise, but a huge list of things can overwhelm people. If they’re not in your industry, they may not be meaningful to your clients either.

Instead think of your accomplishments in terms of how they help your clients. Show how your experience benefits your clients. For example, I majored in English Writing in college, which helps me write better copy for my clients. Another example might be someone who used to work as an engineer, which makes them great solving problems for their clients.

Whatever your experiences are, they’re unique to you. Use them to connect with clients and set yourself apart from the competition.

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How To Write An About Page Your Clients Will Love, copywriting tips from Sarah at Spite Fire Scribe for Seed Social

3 // Your Call To Action

End your about page with a call to action that leads clients to take the next step. Maybe you want to invite people to join your email list, visit your services page, or book a free call. Pick the most important action you want them to take and ask them to follow through at the end of your about page. After they’ve gotten to know more about you and how you can help them, they’re more likely to take action.

Your about page isn’t really about you. It’s about your client. #womeninbiz Click To Tweet

Use these tips to write an about page that gets clients to read all the way through! If you need more help with your copy, you can get a free copywriting cheat sheet to help you write your home page here.

>>> If you need help to write an about page your clients will love, you can contact Sarah at Spitfire Scribe.

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Sarah Anderson is the copywriter behind Spitfire Scribe. She works with creative entrepreneurs and coaches to craft irresistible web copy that sells, with a side of personality.

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