How To Increase Productivity Within Your Business

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How to increase productivity within your business

Here’s 8 ways to increase productivity within your business, because I know it and you know it – success takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of planning. The ability to work more productively is something I believe most solo business owners are constantly on the hunt to perfect. For many of us, it can feel like there’s simply not enough hours in the day, and the thought of the ever-growing “to do” list can be stressful.

When it comes to increasing productivity within your business, the most crucial piece of advice I’ve come to accept over time is “plan to work and work your plan.” Stop trying to do it all, just do the things that you do well. Outsource low-lying tasks wherever possible, or leave them for the times where you don’t need to be entirely in the zone, and know when and when not to multi-task. Here’s 8 more ways to increase productivity within your business.

How To Increase Productivity Within Your Business

1 // Do Your Best Work First

Work out what your best work is, and when you do it. Then build out a daily or weekly schedule that allows you the time and space to make it happen. In order to create, you need to have space to create. Whether your zone of genius is being able to pump out 5 blog posts in 90 minutes, or creating gorgeous graphics in Photoshop, make sure you’ve got the time set out to allow you to work on the projects you do best – and in doing so, increasing your productivity.

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2 // Create ‘Time Blocks’ Within Your Calendar

If you need quiet space and good energy to write (I totally do), schedule your day so that you do this in the very early morning when things are still quiet and before the day gets away from you. Don’t waste your best productivity hours on mundane tasks like emails, phone calls, and meetings if you can avoid it. Protect your high level ‘creative’ time to increase your productivity. To do this, block out large blocks of time within a Google calendar so that you can clearly see your tasks and schedule for the day. Then refer to your Trello boards to stay on task and to make sure that what you’re working on is going to directly help you tick of your target goals.

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3 // Set Realistic Expectations

Be realistic about how long tasks are going to take and allocate time accordingly. Do quick tasks that only take a few minutes right away instead of having to write it down and remember to do it later. This will also free up your mind to continue thinking about the strategic tasks, instead of constantly worrying about that thing you needed to do. Tip: this does not apply to anything on Facebook however, even if ‘business related.’ Facebook is a whirlpool of time we’ll get to later.

4 // Fuel your body & your mind

Eat the foods that nourish your body and give you good energy. Get as much sleep as your body needs to feel refreshed and switched on every day. Allow yourself the freedom to read and feed your mind, and make sure you mix it up with some business related reading and some leisure reading. As tempting as it is when you’re in hustle mode to constant be working on the business, you can’t always be switched “on” in business mode. Your body and your mind need regular “time outs” and to have a change of pace.

5 // Keep Active

Staying active and maintaining your regular physical activities are really important if you want to increase productivity within your business. It sounds counter productive, because shouldn’t you be dedicating that free time to business related tasks? However, just like you need to fuel your body and your mind, you also need to keep your body active. A healthy and happy body will directly influence your productivity output. Don’t miss your gym workout just because there’s 50 new emails sitting in your inbox marked urgent. Getting up regularly and moving about will also increase your productivity, and you’ll notice this if you use the Pomodoro technique. Make it a habit to pop downstairs for some fresh air, natural light and a coffee, or even do some light office yoga or stretches if you can, and write it into your daily schedule if needed.

When it comes to increasing productivity within your business, the most crucial piece of advice is to "plan to work and work your plan." Here's 8 more tips to increase productivity within your business. – @seed_social

6 // Delete Facebook From Your Phone

This is a game changer, and I highly recommend you bite the bullet and go for it. Delete Facebook from your phone and watch your productivity increase 10 fold. Plus, install the Google Newsfeed Eradicator plugin for Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop to minimise the amount of time you waste scrolling through your Facebook feed each day. If you’re worried about how you’re going to manage your business (because I’ll admit, a large part of our digital businesses are run through Facebook these days), then just use the Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads manager apps on your phone.

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7 // Put Your Phone Onto Do Not Disturb

If you’re using time blocking methods to schedule out your day, then it makes sense to create a space that allows you to really get into the zone. So it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of potential distractions that are going to get in the way of you producing your best content. Switch your phone onto DND during key times during the day so that you can get into your high-level work. Just make sure you’ve optimised your “favourite” callers within your phone contacts so you don’t miss the emergency phone calls from your child’s school for example.

8 // Set Specific Times To Check Your Emails

I’ll be completely honest with you – emails are the #1 time waster within my business. It can be tempting to spend too long writing an email and perfecting the wording when in reality you could have picked up the phone and said what you needed to say in 30 seconds. And if you like to maintain inbox 0, then you can fall into the trap of spending too much time reading, sorting, and organising all of those emails from blogs you subscribe to instead of doing your important work.

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Restricting your emails will increase productivity. Dedicate specific “email” times within your daily schedule. There’s no right or wrong way with this, and many will say they only check first thing in the morning and last thing before clocking off. Whereas others will say don’t check your emails until you’ve done your most important work first. Our key tip is to just make sure your emails aren’t coming in and distracting you from your more important work.

Increasing productivity within your business is a personal measure that will depend on the variables relevant to you and your circumstances. The best way to achieve more with the time that you have, short of magically receiving an extra hour to the day, is simply to be aware of your work load and the top priorities. Prioritise your to-do list and make sure that the items on your to do list have a direct influence on forward growth for your business.

When working, ensure you’re being strategic with your tasks and mindful with your time. Make the most of your productivity times, schedule your day to avoid distractions, take bite sized chunks, outsource, and be open to accepting help. Remember that it’s OK to say no, in fact – I urge you to be more of a “no” person rather than a “yes” person. Protect your precious ‘creative’ time.

Most of all, to increase productivity, be sure to stop, reflect and congratulate yourself regularly. Take stock of your achievements, review your progress, and constantly re-align with your key goals. And once that’s done, clock off at the end of the day. Go and fuel your mind and body, your productivity output for tomorrow starts with today.

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