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Social networks are perfect for marketing on a budget. This case study highlights crucial strategy for all small businesses who want results from social media.

What: Happy Nest Nanny Agency Case Study

Happy Nest Nanny Agency Case Study Seed Social

The Client:

A boutique family and services recruitment agency leading the way in industry standards, based in regional North West England. With an established brand and a unique point of differentiation, the agency has a two-point client base:

  1. the family requiring domestic staff
  2. the staff – nannies, maternity nannies, and housekeepers

Client Base 1 makes it’s enquiries and states it’s needs, and the agency works to match the qualities of the applicant from Client Base 2 to fill the needs of Client Base 1.

At the time, the agency received the majority of new business enquiries from Google, and with a small portion of repeat and new enquiries coming from referrals and word of mouth.

The Problem:

The agency needed to recruit more quality applicants to join their books in order to be able to convert the new lead from client base 1 into a placement fee. The emphasis being on increasing the number of quality applicants, as opposed to simply increasing CV receivables.


The agency needed to increase monthly revenue to ease cash flow and ongoing commitments. They also wanted to reinvest profits back into the company to fund growth and development.

The Task:

As their in-house social media manager, we were tasked with growing the reach of the company’s social media presence to boost the amount of enquiries and applicant registrations.

The Catch:

We could invest time and man-power, but we had to achieve the targets organically. There was no budget for paid ad-spend.

The Strategy:

To use social media across our top performing platforms to strengthen the brand message, and show the unique sales point and value offering. The aim being that by doing this, it would enhance the number of applications received – making quality applicants want to register their CV’s with Happy Nest Nanny Agency and allow the agency to represent them in the job search.

To do this, we established two core areas of focus:

  1. Strengthen Brand Presence and Brand Positioning (for confidence in brand and brand recognition)
  2. Grow quality followers and create an engaged community who were invested in the know, like, and trust factor

Across social media we focused on our key platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and devoted an average of 2 hours per day to implementing and maintaining strategy.

Building on the notion that in order to attract high quality candidates (those that think strategically about job selection and career movement and don’t simply apply to anything and everything), we’d have to do things differently to what we were currently doing.

Tactic 1: Set a clear Brand Style Guide

We worked to establish a consistent brand style guide right down to how we structured the format of job posts when shared to social media so that our audience and potential applicants would instantly recognise the brand.

Tactic 2: Provide valuable and relevant content

Using a content driven recruitment strategy, we worked to define the branded content pillars. We published regular content to the blog which produced a bank of content to re-purpose across social media. We then routinely used a key set of hashtags to align with the brand values and put our content in front of our designed audience.

Tactic 3: Be present, and engage

We used Twitter to connect with other businesses, both industry aligned and local affiliates. We participated in local business twitter chats to connect and grow the circle of influence, network and participate in the local community. The aim was to be known for the services we provided, offer support to other businesses, and leverage the potential for referral business.

We also monitored key trending topics, talking points, and trends that would position Happy Nest Nanny Agency as the expert in their field if they were to get involved and join the discussion.

We responded to our wider audience providing information and resources, and attempted to trouble shoot with our community where possible to provide real time solutions to their problems.

Tactic 4: Tap into niche Facebook Group communities

We routinely posted new jobs as they were listed on the Happy Nest Nanny Agency site’s job boards to Facebook to share with the #happynannies community. We then shared the jobs posted on the Facebook page into relevant Facebook groups, which enjoyed two main benefits.

The first benefit being that by sharing into the Facebook groups we were able to ensure visibility by a highly captivated and engaged audience. This increased visibility, and successfully circumnavigating Facebook’s algorithm.

The second benefit being that for anyone who had not yet already ‘Liked’ the Facebook page, would be shown the “tick” option to ‘Like’ the page. With each job post shared into a Facebook group – of on average 200+ members – this method gained an average of 3 to 5 new page likes.

Tactic 5: Uphold Brand Values and Brand Integrity

Within the overall content delivery strategy across the blog and social media, the aim was to uphold the Happy Nest brand values and to exemplify the standards that differentiated Happy Nest from it’s competitors. These actions presented the opportunity to highlight the brand’s processes and services to incentivise both families and applicants to come on-board.

The Results:

The investment: approximately 2 hours per day of social media time, 5 days per week.

The agency increased revenue by 30% in 4 months, allowing the company to hire a new trainee to assist with productivity and efficiency in house. The company was also able to engage a designer to undertake a brand refresh to align with ongoing marketing goals.

The increased brand exposure made it possible to leverage networking opportunities beyond the North West of England, paving way for trade negotiations with Europe.

The enhanced brand positioning saw the agency benefit from a greater awareness. The number of quality CV applications received was doubled. 60% of new business came from referrals, and a number of quality leads came from a direct result of social media hiring campaigns.


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